remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

i left my heart in..

i have an excellent view of the city. from my lab bench, you can see the freeways and the tall buildings that define the san francisco landscape. and from my seventh-floor apartment, you can see the bay bridge which lights up beautifully at night. on foggy nights, it has a serene glow against a dark back drop of the bay.

for a while, i'd forgotten why i was here. i've been cooped up indoors working or *gasp* studying so much--the severity of grad school has become an all-consuming reality for all of us. and on mission bay, where i spend my days and nights thinking and dreaming about science it's easy to forget that you're right next to this gorgeous, living city. i've neglected it, stopped going on dates with it. living here became so dull and ordinary because i couldn't remember life before it.

for a moment, i'd forgotten how i'd gotten here. just a few years ago i spent every weekend here, on the other side of the city. we used to go to san francisco every sunday to see my grandparents. before i had started school, i took them to their doctor's appointments and helped my grandma with their groceries. the city was so foreign then. it wasn't as fun as i know it now. and sadly, because of the state of affair of my grandparents, at times it felt like a place of burden and hardships. it certainly wasn't the colorful, anything-can-happen home i have back then.

i guess i'm deep in intro- and retrospection because i've come to the halfway mark.. at least of my first year. on this first challenge i've gotten to the top of the hill. now it's time to look back one last time then go downhill and start picking up some speed [literally, not figuratively]. the tough part of my classes is done. and i've finally given relationships another chance. the worst is over, now if i can only hang on. fall in love, maybe. make something of myself, hopefully.

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