remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

it was a good week for music

last thursday i saw andrew bird on concert at the fillmore. he was spectacular. his concert was definitely not the kind where you rock out like crazy but it was still amazing. although he may not have as much dialogue with the audience as other artists i've seen but his stage presence was so tangible and his music speaks for itself. he's one eccentric dude! he clearly showcases his wide range of talent from violin pizzicato to, oddly enough, whistling his tunes. and i get why he removes his shoes at every concert--he needs his toes to manipulate the recorders so he can loop the tunes he plays live. awesome performance and a great reason to go to the fillmore again!

opening for andrew bird was a swiss artist called 'loney, dear.' i was swooning over his keyboard dude samuel starck who's the smitten image of, well, someone i know. this band was great, too. in fact, i'll see them again in may when they come back to san francisco. woot!

last but not least, i saw eoin at the independent on friday. i haven't seen him since thanksgiving. if i hadn't mentioned it before well we kinda tried seeing each other again last fall but he was working on some new music and i was busy with grad school. blah. past is past.

anyway, as a groupie i was definitely thrilled to see him perform to a sold-out crowd [at the independent, for chrissake!]. he really knows how to milk his charm for what it's worth. that man can sing but more importantly he can make the whole crowd swoon. i'm proud of how much progress he's made over the past year that i've known him [a year almost to the day!]. i greeted him very briefly after the show and sped out of there asap.

now that that fantasy's over, i had to get back to my man. we'd been going out every night since tuesday to celebrate the death of our macro class. i hit the bars at the mission with him and our friends before going to the concert  [he knows the history with eoin. thank goodness he's not the jealous type.] and met up with them right afterwards. all in all it was a good week for music. and a great week for friends and good times drinking. even though we're in the midst of all this bioreg shit, i'm happy. odd.

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