remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

i haz vanquished teh bioreg monstar

i can't even begin to describe how horrible the past few days--nay, weeks!--have been. it culminated in a massive spaz-tastic freak out yesterday morning. i mean sure, i asked for my defense to be on the last day but they just haaad to give me the very last spot, didn't they? that gave me too much time to panic! the upside, though, is that i got to survey what types of questions everybody else gets asked--from the most obscure similes ["imagine your chromatin is like a teflon"] to the most difficult questions ["what protein do you think acts as the scaffold at the replication fork?'"]. it actually helped that i got some of the answers too *snicker*.

so how did it go? pretty well considering before the oral defense i was fairly convinced i was gonna flunk this course. now i'm setting up a meeting with my professor right before we leave for tahoe this afternoon coz now i'm fairly sure that i passed. i mean, when your two examinees look at each other perplexed and one asks the other, 'you wanna keep doing this and find some question she can't answer or do you wanna just call it quits?!' then i think that's a good sign. plus again i think it helped that i was the last one and after testing 26 students for at least an hour each over the past four days they just wanted to get the hell out of there probably more than i did.

i have to admit now i feel stupid coz i was such a wreck--drinking beer before my test to try to calm my nerves and all. everybody had to watch me crash and burn but then revert back to my bouncy, giddy self when i got out of my exam room. bah. it's over now. that's all i ever wanted.

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