remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

hello, 2009

so i've been on a blogging and IMing hiatus for about a month now. i can only now wrap up the year that was and try to make sense of the year that is

2008 ended fairly well. the holidays in particular reminded me of how lucky i am to have friendships that have withstood the test of time and distance. i'm still amazed at how great my friends have been throughout all the transitions i've made over the last few years. and no matter how sad and scared i've been that i would lose these good friends as i move through life karmela-speed, they prove to me that they'll remain loyal and supportive. i've got good friends from the past and present, in davis and san francisco, from old and new relationships. and wouldn't you know it andrew and i somehow regained our friendship--we actually talk on a regular basis now. as 2008 came to an end i finally let go of the past and embraced the reality for all it has to offer.

as for 2009, well it started out pretty ambiguously. on one hand, i've had to deal with really lame drama. on top of that i lost an uncle in a tragic story of love gone wrong. at the same time, i've found out how good my current set of friends are--they have really stepped up through tough times and have also made my life so good. i've also made some discoveries about my self, about feelings i didn't realize existed, and so i've been dealing with that. oh and i'm most definitely taking the toughest classes my program has to offer--suffice to say my heart and brain are in for a lot of pain.

so far, the intrinsic strength of relationships and self--intellect and psyche--are being tested. but through it all, even though i'm confused as hell by the abstractness of life, i'm the happiest that i've ever been. because life may not be perfect right now but i sure feel loved.

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