remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

confessions of a cynic

There’s no consolation when it comes to love. Nobody wants to be the second-best lover and there’s no second prize for failing in a relationship. When it comes to giving away your heart it’s all-or-nothing. It makes no sense to only offer a fraction of your heart, to have “partial feelings” for someone.  To make things worse when your heart is broken it doesn’t just get chipped—it breaks into an infinite number of pieces. Nevertheless, what makes it such a risky undertaking also makes it one of the most rewarding processes in life. So there’s no point giving up gambling with your feelings.  Give a lot and hope for exponentially greater things in return. And if you figure out the formula let me know because so far I’ve only perfected the heartache.

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