remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

the difficult thing about dating somebody ridiculously smart?

his brain doesn't turn off -_-. you can never silence the geek. why would you wanna do that anyways, you ask? don't get me wrong, i love geeks. i've only ever loved geeks. russian geeks. rock star geeks. alcoholic geeks.

but still.. sometimes i want some normalcy--whatever it may be. i want someone who doesn't have the compulsion to finish the take-home final ASAP. i want someone who doesn't talk about science all the time outside of ucsf. we already spend 90% of our time thinking and doing and being around science. i want someone who doesn't block the rest of the world out--including me--when they're working!

it's weird, i know, for me to be so amazed that i could find another person who takes care of me and supports me the same way andrew did but to also be turned off by the same qualities sometimes.

i guess this means despite everything.. despite the love of gore.. despite the liver of steel.. despite the tomboyish disposition.. *gulp* i'm still a hopeless romantic girl at heart.

wow, that blows.

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