remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

no, the worst isn't over

so we all turned in our proposals yesterday. naturally, we celebrated by drinking. before noon. then we had lunch with chuck sherr, the oncogene dude. i went home and slept for an hour then attended sherr's seminar. brian and i went to meet up with patrick and emma for sushi then went back to the city to watch watchmen with some of our classmates. since we were downtown already we stopped by our favorite pub to grab a round of drinks. yey, guiness!!! thanks for bringing the happy back, o'brian italiando. ^_^

the celebrations are premature, of course. there's still the shit-ton of course material to study. and then it would really do us well to do practice talks and critique each other's proposals. it would be really nice to know what the hell i'm missing from my proposal before i get grilled during my defense. god, i wish i was smarter.

on a positive note, my folks are visiting me this weekend. yeeeeeeeeeeeeey. i've really missed them *sniff*sniff*. i appreciate the reprieve from all the studying and the comfort having my parents around will bring me before my uber horrible defense. then i'm grabbing drinks with bry's friends this weekend. ooooh and of course it's st. patty's next tuesday!!! i don't care if i have my finals next week. we must go out and celebrate brian's half-irishness! ok, that was half a lie--it's more for my sake than his. lol. oh and right after all our finals are over we're going to tahoe!!! then my friends from davis are coming over on the 28th! aaaaah.. so many good things are about to come..

it could be good just in case i get too depressed from failing my defense.

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