remnants of an experiment gone wrong (biyahera) wrote,
remnants of an experiment gone wrong

hello again, blog world.

what can i say? i've always had the tendency to move faster in life and leave many things behind along the way. recently, i've been lurking--old friends from the philippines, friends that could've been better friends here. the more i see what's transpired over the last few years or even months, the more i want to get away. maybe i have too many regrets. but most likely, the stress of being me makes me want to be anywhere but here.

for the past few months i've been slaving away--not for my new lab, i haven't even done an experiment in months!--but for this granlibakken retreat ucsf has every year. every year the outgoing first years have to make skits that poke fun at the professors and life at ucsf. i've somehow accrued the majority of the responsibility of putting together our skits. traditions suck. what sucks more is that this tradition marks our exit from being less responsible first years to second years who are soon supposed to take qualifying exams. oh and of course the new first years are here.

bah. i need a better way to cope. and especially now, i need to not lash out on brian when i'm troubled. but i've always ever just existed with someone by my side, be it a best friend or a boyfriend. poor guy. i'll try to be nicer. i kinda really like this one.


i blog in cycles. the dry spell is over. for now.
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